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In your mortgage payments, you are paying a lot more interest than you should.

We can get you back these sums.

Have you finished paying your mortgage less than ten years ago?

Do you know that you have paid a lot more than what you should have paid?

Do you know that you can recover the extra money you gave to the bank?

We have been experts in banking consultancy for over twenty years and have helped thousands of people recover the extra interest paid to banks.


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Request more clarification:

  1. fill out the information request form;
  2. attach the listed documents, if you have them, otherwise provide them to us at a later time.

You will be contacted by one of our expert consultants who will show you, without obligation, the whole procedure to obtain the refund of the interest paid in excess to the bank.

You must know that...

The banks to determine the interest you have to pay for the repayment of your mortgage apply the "compound capitalization", while the law provides that the "simple capitalization" must be applied and in any case that the applied capitalization is explicitly described in the contract of mortgage.

They are complex actuarial mathematics formulas that only experts know how to determine.

The banks exploiting your inability to understand the mathematical and contractual formulas and therefore make you pay more interest than the actual ones.

In this way you think you are paying, for example, 2% and instead you pay 3.5%! Nice difference right? Almost double!

What does all this mean?

Banks charge you much higher interest than you owe and therefore over the years you accumulate much more money than you really have to repay.

These extra amounts you paid must be returned to you!

The very recent sentences of numerous courts say so. Here are some of the many:

  • court of rome - sent. n. 2188/2021 publ. on 02/08/2021
  • court of vicenza - sent. n. 170/2022 publ. on 02/03/2022
  • court of taranto - sent. n. 796/2022 publ. on 03/29/2022

Now, if you go and ask your bank they will tell you that they follow the law , that everything is regular and that you have to pay without making a fuss otherwise they will enroll you in the bad payer center. In reality, if you take action to recover the sums due, they cannot register with the bad payers center because you are only exercising your right. These sums are due to you, they are yours and the bank must repay them.

The law says so!

You can get back everything you paid more or pay fewer installments than those indicated in your loan agreement.

Do you want to know how much you can recover?

  • Contact us.
  • Send us your loan agreement complete with the amortization plan.
  • In a short time and without any commitment on your part we will tell you how much you can recover and how to do it.

If you then decide to continue to get what you owe, we will follow you with our consultants and our lawyers and we will get you what you are entitled to by law.

But hurry up because we already have thousands of requests we are working on!

Do not waste time. Contact us now for more information

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